Headlines & Hashtags

In this one day workshop WORD UP demystifies the modern media for you, your staff and your partners or members. Bring us to meet some of your gang and we’ll explain how the media actually works. We’ll also encourage you to take a pro-active approach to spreading the word.

From the press to Pinterest, WORD UP will walk you through the media in all its modern guises. We’ll explain how to target the right platforms, journalists and audiences to grab some column inches or raise awareness in cyberspace.

We’ll demonstrate what makes a good story, and explain the editorial difference between news, lifestyle and human interest. We’ll discuss ways to make contact with the media, and we’ll point out the pitfalls of the press, fake news, and the rest.

During the workshop WORD UP will use active learning to develop social media savvy. We’ll also practice writing press releases and explore ways to pitch ideas and stories to the mainstream media.

WORD UP will bring our Headlines & Hashtags workshop to you, and we can accommodate a maximum of 10 people.

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