At WORD UP we’ve had the great good fortune to work with all sorts of clients. We’ve collaborated with everyone from teeny tiny start-ups to some of the big boys and girls of the public, third and private sectors. No matter how big or small your organisation is, we’ll always be happy to talk, so please just give us a call or drop us a note.

Here are a few kind words from some of the good people WORD UP has worked with…

Jenny McCarthy, The Circle CIC

Mairi has worked with us since we launched The Circle Academy in 2019, helping our candidates work on their pitching and public speaking skills. She is a delight to work with every time and puts our candidates at ease. Every time we have brought Mairi in we’ve seen a remarkable transformation in how our candidates pitch – the difference between how they introduce themselves at the start of sessions and how they do it at the end is amazing. Her delivery is honest, relaxed and clear, creating a supportive environment where the group feel encouraged to share their feedback and advice with each other. We always love working with Mairi and I’d encourage anyone considering her services to go for it!

Jenny McCarthy at The Circle CIC

Derek Shirlaw, Glasgow Science Centre

“Charismatic”, “absorbing” and “refreshing” are three words I would use to describe Mairi and the excellent How to Write Right workshop. Honestly, Glasgow Science Centre staff spin through lot of workshops and training programmes here – all of which are normally exciting and productive in their own way – but, this was something totally fresh, offering much-needed time to dive head-first into the creative output mixer. I think we came out at the end of the cycle energised and all the better for it. Loved it!

Derek Shirlaw at Glasgow Science Centre

Kelly McFadden, the Corra Foundation

Thanks again for your wonderful How to Write Right training. I really enjoyed the day and can honestly say it’s the best and most useful training I have ever done!

Kelly McFadden at Corra Foundation

Zahra Hedges, Just Enterprise

We called Word Up in to help with content when we were creating a new website. Our programme, Just Enterprise, is delivered by 10 partners from across the third sector, and we had several dozen pages created by a number of different staff across the partnership that we had to recreate in a consistent tone. We also had a much tighter timescale that we initially thought. Without Mairi, not only would we not have been able to launch our website on time, it would not be of the calibre that it is. The quality of her work is excellent – it’s easy to read, flows well and avoids jargon. She is a great person to work with too – honest, practical and inventive.  This is the second time we have worked with Mairi and we would not hesitate to recommend her (and, indeed, I already have!)

Zahra Hedges at Just Enterprise

Adam Lang, Shelter Scotland

Mairi Damer of WORD UP Communications really knows her stuff when it comes to media training. Mairi and the WORD UP team have delivered a total of four one day media training workshops for Shelter Scotland staff, plus an advanced media training session for our Senior Management Team. Mairi and the team facilitate highly engaging workshops using their portable studio set-up, all of which have provided our people with outstanding opportunities to prepare, practice and perform simulated interviews for radio and TV. WORD UP tailored the practical exercises using interview topics and questions which were meticulously researched in advance. This level of detail, combined with the practical exercises, provides fantastic, immersive learning. WORD UP have supported Shelter Scotland to think differently about participation in broadcast interviews, and to to take a more open, accessible and transparent approach. Mairi and her team really helped our staff to develop their abilities to deliver our core messages with confidence, credibility and maximum human engagement. They encouraged us to move away from defensive interview techniques and adopt more engaging, audience-focussed methods, and we’ve been doing that with great success ever since.

Adam Lang, Head of Communications & Policy at Shelter Scotland

Claire Lightowler, Centre for Youth & Criminal Justice

Word Up provided an invaluable media training workshop for a group of us at CYCJ. Their team created a relaxed atmosphere within a realistic environment to help us experience what it is really like to engage with the media. Word Up tailored the training for us as individuals and as an organisation. Asking us carefully crafted questions that we are actually likely to face, and showing us how we actually responded. It challenged us and most importantly it has left us feeling ready to engage with the media.  Thank you.

Claire Lightowler, Director at Centre for Youth & Criminal Justice

Shona Hilton, Social & Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow

It’s been an exciting opportunity to work with Mairi and her excellent broadcast media team in a portable studio which was set up in one of our meeting rooms. Recording mock video and radio interviews was both fun and extremely useful experience, and feedback we’ve received was constructive, insightful and very encouraging. We’ve had a chance to test our abilities in putting across complex public health research messages in a simple and understandable way, though it proved tricky not to slip occasionally into jargon and research speak which was picked aptly by Mairi’s experienced ear. I highly recommend this media training to anyone who wishes to develop their presentation skills for speaking in front of camera and/or microphone.

Ellie Sandercock, Carr Gomm

Word Up delivered media training to members of our senior leadership team in March this year. It was an excellent day: thought-provoking and eye-opening in equal measure. We hired Word Up to increase our understanding of how the media works and to how make the most of interview opportunities. Mairi and her team absolutely delivered on this – with good humour and great insight. More importantly, perhaps, the training gave us the space to reflect on our core messages as an organisation and how we can hone these for greater effect. I have no hesitation in recommending Word Up and hope to have the opportunity to work with Mairi and team again.

Ellie Sandercock, Fundraising & Marketing Manager at Carr Gomm

Kathleen Doyle, CELCIS

Mairi and the Word Up wonder team put some folks here at CELCIS through our media paces recently. In what could have been a scary and exposing training session, the Word Up team provided a safe and secure environment where we learned and laughed a lot. In Word Up’s safe hands, we all left the training with more knowledge, skills and confidence to work with the broadcast media. I would highly recommend Word Up’s media training. It’s what every aspiring media savvy organisation needs: down to earth, straight-talking trainers who provide lots of practical exercises to learn and develop the skills needed for interviews on TV and radio.

Mary-Grace Burinski

I absolutely loved the How to Write Right workshop, and appreciated you pushing us to think and write in ways which were well outside our comfort zone or natural style of writing.  Just as I was  dozing off last night, I had another two ideas for blog pieces which made me sit bolt upright in bed and type furiously into the memo pad on my phone.  Needless to say, my husband isn’t quite as excited as me about my new-found enthusiasm for inspired writing!

Mary-Grace Burinski at Ash Scotland