Confident Online Communication

As new ways of working were forced on us by the pandemic, it quickly became clear to Word Up that we needed to adapt our communication skills training for the online age.

In this three hour Confident Online Communication session, WORD UP will introduce you to a series of practical exercises designed to help develop engaging and confident online communication skills. We’ll share some ideas and suggestions about how you can easily improve your online presence for one-to-one meetings, small group or team meetings and discussions, and for delivering presentations to larger audiences.

Delivered via Zoom, Teams or Google Meet, our Confident Online Communication workshop is both practical and energising – everyone is encouraged to join in. We aim to help you and your staff develop confident, credible interpersonal skills for online platforms. There will be plenty of useful learning and lots of laughter too!

During the workshop we offer lots of practical tips about how to get yourself and your environment ready for effective and confident online communication. We outline how individuals can “perform” dynamically online during presentations, facilitated sessions or meetings, even if they’re a bit shy or reticent. We include topics such as effective online meeting management, rule-setting, how to cope with technical glitches and running a Q&A.

To find out more about our Confident Online Communication workshops, just get in touch. We’ll be happy to schedule a phone call or online chat with you.