Get Up, Stand Up

When the very thought of pitching, public speaking or delivering a presentation leaves you tongue-tied and shakin’ all over, WORD UP’s one day Get Up, Stand Up training workshop will take the terror out of talking and the panic out of presentation.

Using practical pitching and public speaking exercises in a safe and supportive environment where everyone gives it a go, WORD UP challenges fears and knocks down the barriers to confident, authentic communication.

Even if you’ve not got the wobbles, but want to add some sparkle and shine, or get rid of bad public speaking habits, we can help with that too. WORD UP will introduce you to a range of techniques to get you performing in public with personality and a bit of pizzazz.

North, south, east or west, we really don’t mind – WORD UP will bring a one day Get Up, Stand Up workshop to your place. We can manage 10 trainees at a time.

Feel free to talk to us about Get Up, Stand Up workshops. We definitely don’t bite.