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Working in a winter wonderland?

Will Word Up have a winter shut down? To be honest I hadn’t given it much thought until I was asked earlier this week when I’ll be stopping for Christmas. As a newly minted sole trader I hadn’t really decided whether to shut up shop or plough on. The whole concept of stopping for Christmas

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Funky frocks and flying pterodactyls

Who am I? Oh no, none of your trivial nonsense going on in the Word Up nerve centre this week. These last few days have witnessed nothing less than one of the great philosophical questions of life passing through this particular cerebral cortex. Anyone who reads the weekly meanderings of this middle-aged media madame and

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Illuminating ideas in enterprise

Let there be light. Sometimes, just sometimes, the screamingly obvious in self-employment comes along and flicks on a light switch. But this ain’t no common or garden 60W tungsten, this is one which really illuminates the shadowy corners of your business brain. And sometimes you really, really wish that the switch had been flicked just

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