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Real people and rose gardens

It’s seismic stuff, innit. The last 66 days of Covid lockdown have meant massive change for absolutely everyone and everything. No part of our daily lives has been unaffected. The ripples have reached families and individuals, businesses and services, routines and recreation, even institutions have felt the fallout – just look at Westminster… One of the places where

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Bad press

I am the enemy. Or at least I used to be. Once upon a time, I was one of the bad guys. Back in the day, I earned a crust as a member of the Fourth Estate, Oh yes, dahlings, for a great big chunk of my adult life, I worked in the media. Yep,

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The big & ugly bubble of broadcasting

I’m big and ugly enough. Big and ugly enough to have dodged being punched during my 15 years working within the rarefied bubble of broadcasting. What I didn’t escape were some full-on “talent” tirades. I’ve endured hissy fits, being bawled out in public, and blamed for everything under the sun. I’ve bobbed and weaved as

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The inside track

Expert? Who, me? Expert in heehaw. Or at least that’s what my instant reaction was when introduced recently at a client’s board meeting as a “media expert”. S’funny being called an expert, and brings the self-effacing Scot in me rushing right up to the surface, but expertise is all relative, innit? Compared to the good people

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Self employment and sticking it to The Man

I’ve always cast myself as a free spirit. A creative thinker brimming with alternative ideas and approaches, someone prepared to challenge the status quo and swim against the tide of rules and regs. I’ve always felt fine about sticking it to The Man. But a recent stint back at the BBC has made me wonder if

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Everybody wants to rule the world, yeah?

Everybody wants to rule the world, right? Everybody who’s an entrepreneur, anyway. Well, there wasn’t much entrepreneurial activity, let alone global domination, on show chez nous on Sunday evening. No, just the mundanity of a bit of clearing up after a final seasonal calorific overload, courtesy Mr Word Up’s magnificent macaroni cheese. But I was

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Working in a winter wonderland?

Will Word Up have a winter shut down? To be honest I hadn’t given it much thought until I was asked earlier this week when I’ll be stopping for Christmas. As a newly minted sole trader I hadn’t really decided whether to shut up shop or plough on. The whole concept of stopping for Christmas

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Why words are worth their weight in wonga

Altogether now…words don’t come easyyyyyy… Or at least that’s what 80s pop warbler F.R. David, complete with his Miami Vice rolled up jacket sleeves and aviator shades, tunefully told us. Naff song maybe, but old F.R. had a point – words are tricky, slippery wee devils are they not? You can never find the right

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