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Self employment and sticking it to The Man

I’ve always cast myself as a free spirit. A creative thinker brimming with alternative ideas and approaches, someone prepared to challenge the status quo and swim against the tide of rules and regs. I’ve always felt fine about sticking it to The Man. But a recent stint back at the BBC has made me wonder if

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A healthy dose of small business self-improvement cynicism

It’s not that I’m perfect or anything. As if. Indeed, I’m all for learning and growing, and admitting my flaws, but small business self-improvement brings out the full-on snarling cynic in me. And it’s not just small business self-improvement that gets my goat, it’s the whole self-betterment snake oil shebang with its cultish converts that

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Self employment and the fine art of self pity

Woeful and wabbit. Wrung oot and wallowing. Ah yes, this week we at Word Up have been feeling well and truly sorry for ourselves. It might be nothing more than the January blues. Dear knows, there’s nothing like the sound of the relentless rain rattling off the Word Up windaes to bring on general gloom

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Cold calling collywobbles

There’s nothing like lifting the handset to try and sell something to a complete stranger for bringing on a case of the commercial collywobbles. The very thought of it makes me sweat and feel ever so slightly sick. Because, when it comes to finding new clients, the fine art of cold calling is something we

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Everybody wants to rule the world, yeah?

Everybody wants to rule the world, right? Everybody who’s an entrepreneur, anyway. Well, there wasn’t much entrepreneurial activity, let alone global domination, on show chez nous on Sunday evening. No, just the mundanity of a bit of clearing up after a final seasonal calorific overload, courtesy Mr Word Up’s magnificent macaroni cheese. But I was

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