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Mind your language

I’ve got the blues. The bad language blues. Not the effing and blinding variety, feck no. That would be hypocrisy of the highest order from one who indulges in foul-mouthed badinage on a woefully regular basis. Nope, the bad language getting my goat is jargon. I’m talking about the strands of language used in niche

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Fear and loathing

It’s back. It’s been gone for a while, but this week the “f” word came back with a vengeance. Yes folks, I’ve got The Fear. This is The Fear that comes when the diary is looking a wee bit blank, when the work has slowed down to a trickle after the raging torrent it’s been

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Don’t quote me on that

Inspirational quotes do my head in, official. I might make an exception for Marx, Mahatma and Mother (Teresa). I bow down before the bountiful brainpower of Einstein, Steinbeck, Hemingway, Dorothy Parker et al. Sage utterances which have tripped from the lips (and pens) of the mighty are well worthy of consideration. We’ve all got a

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Growing pains

I’m crap at commerce. Well, I must be, ‘cos growth is simply not the number one priority for the future of my small biz. For me, getting bigger don’t necessarily mean getting better. I should know. Physically, I personally got a lot smaller over the last year or so, and believe me, it feels way,

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Missing in action

It swept over me this week. That sinking feeling. You know the kind, the gnawing sense that something’s really, really wrong. I’m not talking about losing the car keys or misplacing my specs, tho’ such activities may indeed occasionally upset the equilibrium of the Word Up world. No, I’m talking discombobulation, with bells on. But

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