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Business bumpsadaisy

Who am I, exactly? What the hell am I doing? Nope, I’m not in the grip of some mind-bending existential crisis, no time for that, but I’ve been doing something of an entrepreneurial stocktake these last few weeks. And the bottom line is this. I’ve been kidding myself on, big style. Aye, it makes uncomfortable writing,

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Through a glass darkly

Open and transparent. That’s the Word Up code of small business conduct. Simples. And in these fevered post-General Election times, transparency is top of the charts, and not just for small fry like me. As a micro-business, my entrepreneurial empire operates at the tiddly widdly, teensy weensy end of the business spectrum, but I am

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Mind your language

I’ve got the blues. The bad language blues. Not the effing and blinding variety, feck no. That would be hypocrisy of the highest order from one who indulges in foul-mouthed badinage on a woefully regular basis. Nope, the bad language getting my goat is jargon. I’m talking about the strands of language used in niche

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Praise be for rough-edged role models

Polished professionals, business behemoths and the fabulously famous don’t mean diddly squat to me. Well okay then, I might make an exception for David Bowie, but when it comes to role models, whether in business, personal or social life, I like mine real, and preferably with a few rough edges. Because for me, fame doesn’t

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Bleeding hearts and business

Take your bleeding heart and stuff it. Well okay then, that’s not exactly what a fellow traveller in small business was told recently by a certain gentleman from the dinosaur school of wheeling and dealing. But this particular gentleman did mention that my mate was unusual for someone in business because she has a social

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What’s punk rock got to do with running a small business?

As the song goes, picture this. What image jumps into your mind’s eye when you think of businessmen or women? Suits, shoulder pads, shiny shoes, and striped shirts? Or maybe Michelle Mone stylee power dressing, towering heels and hair coiffed to within an inch of its tweaked and teased life? No? Perhaps what floats your

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