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Power to the people

All we need now is the dawning of the zombie apocalypse to complete the collective sense that the world’s going to hell in a handcart. I say “collective” because I’ve not met anyone, not even the most determined optimists, who’s managing to stay emotionally buoyant during these soul crushing times. Even the old “things can

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Alien invasion

Scotland the brave, beautiful and about-to-be-invaded. Again. This time tho’, it’s not the Vikings, the aristocracy, or even the Romans who are threatening to take our territory by force, or horned helmets. Naw, looks like the latest phalanx of alien invaders are likely to be our nearest neighbours. Seems like quite a few Anglo-Saxons (and other

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Through a glass darkly

Open and transparent. That’s the Word Up code of small business conduct. Simples. And in these fevered post-General Election times, transparency is top of the charts, and not just for small fry like me. As a micro-business, my entrepreneurial empire operates at the tiddly widdly, teensy weensy end of the business spectrum, but I am

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