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The Unwritten Rules of Business Behaviour

If I had a fiver for every time a dear friend or relly has told me how brave I am to have started my own small business, the income column on my cashflow spreadsheet would be looking pretty damn hefty. Of course, having the backing of family and friends is nothing short of stupendous, and

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Cashflow capers – bookkeeping for beginners

This week’s perilous ascent on the steep slope of small business start-up has found me slack-jawed and stupefied, and all because of business bookkeeping. But let’s make one thing clear right from the start. Yes, I was pretty crap at maths at school – trigonometry and algebra left me deeply disinterested and disaffected. But I

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What’s punk rock got to do with running a small business?

As the song goes, picture this. What image jumps into your mind’s eye when you think of businessmen or women? Suits, shoulder pads, shiny shoes, and striped shirts? Or maybe Michelle Mone stylee power dressing, towering heels and hair coiffed to within an inch of its tweaked and teased life? No? Perhaps what floats your

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Nervous networking for small business

Tense, nervous headache? Oh yes, the dull throb and queasy tummy symptoms began at about 4pm last Wednesday. And not surprisingly, the green-round-the-gills feelings began a couple of short hours before I headed out the door earlier this week in my new role as small business owner and sole trader. Because I was getting ready

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