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See Scottish small business, it’s pure brilliant!

  Yes, there’s been plumbers and painters, cake bakers and cleaners, web wizards and walkers (of dogs). There’s been IFAs, VAs and CAs. There’s been artists and crafties, designers and detoxers. There’s even been death. It’s only a few short months since I started out in the business of business, but I have been blown

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The 10 Competitive Commandments of Small Business

The 10 Competitive Commandments of Small Business:- Thou shalt work Monday-Sunday, and on bank holidays. Thou shalt get up before daybreak and retire in the wee small hours. Thou shalt sacrifice family time and thine own quality of life. Thou shalt foreswear social life and time alone with your partner. Thou shalt be perpetually crabbit

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Business and the battle of the bairns

Blimey. What a week with the Word Up weans. The manic juggling and plate spinning involved with daily domestic duties and working parenthood is, I’m sure, no different in the Word Up empire than it is for any family, anywhere. But some weeks sure do make you want to run off into the sunset, screaming.

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Sitting on your bahookie is bad for business

Yeah yeah, you’ve heard it all before. Exercise is good for you. It must be, everyone says so. But if getting a bit of a sweat on is good for your heart, your waistline, your self-esteem, your mood and your energy levels, why do so few small business owners get up off their bahookies to do

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