See Scottish small business, it’s pure brilliant!

Like the moustache too?

My very own Wonky Woolie!


Yes, there’s been plumbers and painters, cake bakers and cleaners, web wizards and walkers (of dogs). There’s been IFAs, VAs and CAs. There’s been artists and crafties, designers and detoxers. There’s even been death.

It’s only a few short months since I started out in the business of business, but I have been blown away by the sheer scope and range of homegrown talent. I can honestly say I had no idea how bloody brilliant we really are! Scottish small businesses sure are something. Some of the enterprise ideas I’ve heard are simply superb (others a bit barking, but hey! that’s none of my business), and shining examples of all that is good about Scotland.


But as someone who’s come directly from the business of storytelling (15 years behind the scenes at some of Scotland’s best known radio programmes), it’s the people running these businesses that really float my human angle boat. I doubt I’ll ever lose my journalistic nose for a great story or a cracking contributor, and boy, there are some great stories going on in the Scottish small business community, and some stunning people. The energy, enthusiasm, creativity and honesty on display amongst fellow adventurers in enterprise has made this wee wordsmith proud as punch to be part of such an amazing community.

Anyone who’s a member of this branch of the commerce community is a star in my book – after all, starting a business takes guts. And believe me, there’s bravery, brilliance, bloody mindedness and balls by the bucketload out there in the small business community. But there’s no typical member of the gang. These are women and men from all kinds of backgrounds, of all ages, with a mighty range of skills and talent, running every imaginable kind of business.  And even better, the vast majority of these enterprising entrepreneurs are generous, supportive, positive and encouraging of each other.

But in the last few days I came across some SME stars who shone especially brightly, and it just so happened that they were all business burdz. This week, the sisters really were doing it for themselves. (And just in case you think there’s a bit of business backslapping going on behind the scenes, these are not my clients, not yet anyway, just a wee band of women who have got something really, really special going on).

There’s Christine from A’e Fond Farewell funeral planning, a woman determined to do the right thing, at the right (non rip-off) price for families in their hour of need. There’s Kirsty from News Direct, political intelligence and personality, priceless! And what about Alison and her well wicked Wonky Woolies? Handmade hats, not tartan tat.

But the Word Up woman of the week award has got to go to Annette and her utterly awe-inspiring Food in the Hood. Good scran for people who need it, served with a conscience, but not a bleeding heart. Now that’s what I call a business.