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Time off for good business behaviour

The steep learning curve of starting a new small business certainly stays precipitous for a long, long time. Or so it seems from my own personal ascent of the sheer cliff face of commerce. Cos it sure as hell doesn’t feel that I’m going to be reaching the summit any time soon. It’s not that every

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Boastful burdz or braw business broads?

This has been a great week to be a member of the business sisterhood. But don’t go getting your Y-fronts in a fankle fellas, it just happens that this has been a Word Up working week where small biz burdz have featured large. I’ve got no problem at all with the business brotherhood, indeed I’ve

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Money talk is pure murder

M is for murder? Well, it might be for the more homicidal amongst you, but in my book, M actually stands for the great unmentionable of small business…MONEY. Moolah, spondooliks, readies, wonga – whatever your chosen vernacular for filthy lucre, if like me, you’re running your own small business, I’d bet my last remaining fiver

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Why words are worth their weight in wonga

Altogether now…words don’t come easyyyyyy… Or at least that’s what 80s pop warbler F.R. David, complete with his Miami Vice rolled up jacket sleeves and aviator shades, tunefully told us. Naff song maybe, but old F.R. had a point – words are tricky, slippery wee devils are they not? You can never find the right

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Wedded bliss versus running a biz

This week I got a bit of a doing. Just a small verbal doing mind you, but a doing nonetheless. And what’s more, this particular wife, mother and small business owner well and truly deserved it. The clue as to why I should be on the receiving end of a right good reprimand, in case

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