Wedded bliss versus running a biz

This week I got a bit of a doing. Just a small verbal doing mind you, but a doing nonetheless. And what’s more, this particular wife, mother and small business owner well and truly deserved it.

The clue as to why I should be on the receiving end of a right good reprimand, in case you didn’t spot it, was in the wife and mother part of that statement. Because yes, I have been found out. Found out for putting business first and family last.

Oh yes, I have been full of great intention and determination to get the work/life/business balance steady and stable. Damn it, I’ve even gone on record in these very pages about how I will deliberately disobey the small business rules and regs of working all the hours to make sure that domestic harmony and time for family and friends feature right at the top of my enterprise agenda. But those fine words and lofty intentions jumped up to bite me right on the bahookie these last few days.

Because the deliverer of the business bollocking was none other than The Word Up Widower, the man normally known and cherished as Mr. Word Up, the long-suffering other half of this particular selfish wee sole trader. Quite rightly, I was taken to task for failing to put him, and the family first, exactly when it mattered.

Yes, it’s been an insanely busy few days and as any new business knows, there aren’t enough hours in the day, there’s way too much to do, and brains do feel fit to burst. (And BTW, I can roll out the defence and excuse big guns with the best of them, and indeed I did, in a fit of silly self-centredness.) But having it plainly pointed out that biz is wrecking wedded bliss was a well-needed wake up call.

So, it’s time to walk the walk and at least try to get the balance right. I don’t expect that it will be a piece of plain sailing, because the plate-spinning shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. And there’s probably too many plates. But I sure as hell don’t want the ones that fall and shatter to be those of husband and family.

Let’s face it, I couldn’t even have begun the perilous journey down the business path without the love, support and cheerleading from my precious and cherished other half. So I owe it to him, the Word Up Weans, and the Wider Word Ups, to clear the head, and the diary, to make proper, quality time for them. It’s on me to recognise when it’s time to shut down, switch off and simply shut up about sole trading.

So…fancy a couple of pints, a curry and a cuddle, sweetheart?