Wanna be in my band of believers?

Belief breaks my heart. Or, more accurately, the lack of it.

In one week alone I have witnessed two smashing specimens of Scottishness show a really saddening lack of self-belief. One didn’t even want to big up his business. A business, by the way, which is well worth shouting about.

I’m far from the full monty when it comes to self-belief. No way Jose. I have just as many crises of confidence as the next wo/man. I’m still a crazy, mixed up kid, with my very own collection of faults and flaws. The difference is that I’ve learned to accept the f’n’f, most of the time anyway.

But I sure do believe in my business. 100%.

Yes it will need tweaks, tuning, and even total transformation from time to time. Yes I have made idiotic errors in enterprise, and am far from the finished article. But basically in business, I am a believer.

So it really, really bothers me that we Scots are so skilled at doing ourselves down. There’s just something about our collective national psyche that bats away belief. I dunno why, but way too many of us think we’re just not worthy.

The stats about Scotland’s sorry state of mental health paint a thoroughly depressing picture, a horribly high number of us seem to suffer from deep-seated gloom. So it’s no real surprise that many Scots are strangers to a strong sense of self-worth. Pity, because a kinder, funnier, more generous set of citizens you couldn’t hope to meet.

I’m not suggesting for one single solitary moment that we need, or should, adopt a more Americanised style of star-spangled self-promotion. It’s not really us to strut and swagger, stand in the spotlight, or shout about being Special Ones. But our lack of belief is beyond a joke. It just ain’t funny no more.

Come on guys! Couldn’t we scrape up just a bit more Caledonian confidence? Do we really need to hide our lights under those bushels quite so doggedly?

We don’t need to do phoney razzmatazz, we don’t even need to fall prey to setting self-improvement targets we’re never gonnae reach. But can we not blow our own trumpets just once in a while? Can’t we just sound the odd single note of self belief? Please?

I gotta say tho, I’ve heard some faint echoes of a clarion call in commerce. Belief seems to be a wee bit better in business. Maybe it’s because if you’ve gone the distance and jumped the hurdles to set up on your own anyway, damn tootin’ you believe. Believe in yourself and what you’ve got to offer.

I’ve watched recognition of personal and entrepreneurial achievement blossom from some smashing small businesses recently. And what’s more, I see a commercial community that’s willing to support personal development and business growth, wherever it springs up.

I’ll do my bit to champion confidence – in myself, and in others. In business and in everyday life. But for those of you who are already moving mountains when it comes to Scottish self-belief, gaun yersels.