In (faint) praise of partisan parents

Annoy Your Kids.

Surely one of the most important inclusions on any parent’s job description?

However, it’s a bit rich for me to cast aspersions on anyone else’s parenting skills, seeing as I often rate pretty damn low on the Word Up Wean’s goodwill to all mumkind scale. So please forgive me when I moan that one of my own parents is getting right on the Word Up wick.

But before I drag the good names of the Word Up Maw and Paw through the defamatory mud, I must first make special mention of the sterling support that both have offered for their first born’s foray into self employment.

In their individual ways, both parents have backed my business to the hilt. They are definitely right up there on the commercial championing chart.

Back when I was about to take the professional plunge, Dad sent a thoughtful and special letter backing my decision to throw off the shackles of stress weighing me down in my BBC (before business commenced) life.

Then, thanks to my wee ma, I was able to abandon ancient technology and set up shop with suitable space and cutting edge kit.

Mum’s not only offered backing and support every single step of the way so far, but has regularly provided priceless practical help. For it is she who has most often stepped into the chaotic childcare breaches caused by giving birth to a business baby.

And both of my partisan parents have done their bit to promote their own pesky offspring’s offering at every possible opportunity. And this when it’s highly probable that neither really have a scooby what I actually do for a living. So far that alone, deep thanks are due, and hopefully delivered.

What’s more, the smashing support of my own mum and dad has been echoed, for the most part, right across the board.

Because, in spite of a certain Scottish stereotype for being positively pass remarkable, I have been amazed, delighted and surprised at the business backing I’ve had from almost everyone who knows me, and even quite a few who don’t.

Only occasionally have the naysayers made a small dent in my commercial confidence. But attempts to pour cold water on my business brainchild probably says more about nippy, nasty wee sweeties than it does for my own attempts to fly solo.

So, ye critics and mean-spirited cynics, you can shove your nippiness right where the light of self-advancement don’t shine.

I’m sticking with the positive people who have my business back, those who are rooting and tooting to see me succeed. More power to my other half, the wean, my business buddies, friends and family.

But Dad, see if you ask me one more time if I’ve made my first million yet, I swear I’m gonnae bosh you with my business plan…