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Only human

Finding the positives is a big ask during these interminable pandemic times. Yeah, on paper it’s good to focus on silver linings, half full glasses, the bright side etc, but c’mon, let’s get real. The oppressive weight of this Covid crapola makes it bloody hard to slam on a smile. Being grateful for the small

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Adventures in adulthood

It’s such fun being friends with a legend. My pal’s not a rockstar, footballer or A-list celeb. He’s not a soap star, an Oscar winner, a prince or a pin-up. He’s not even a household name. But my mate’s got legendary status in our wee corner of Glasgow, everyone knows who he is. What’s more, this ain’t

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Missing in action

It swept over me this week. That sinking feeling. You know the kind, the gnawing sense that something’s really, really wrong. I’m not talking about losing the car keys or misplacing my specs, tho’ such activities may indeed occasionally upset the equilibrium of the Word Up world. No, I’m talking discombobulation, with bells on. But

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