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Witchy old bitch

I’m a nasty, bitchy old hag. Official. Aye. I’ve come over all evil this October, and that’s without the benefit of facepaint and fancy dress. But if you cannae sharpen your talons, bare your fangs and be a wicked auld witch in Hallowe’en week, then you might as well hang up your broomstick for good. Bitchy behaviour’s

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Black tie blues

Forgive me fashionistas, but I’m all of a fankle. Being bang on trend just ain’t my bag, baby. Unless you count being hopelessly and happily stuck in some strange late 70s vortex where Fred Perry polos and Bass Weejun loafers are de rigeur, that is. See, for me, getting all dressed up just don’t feel

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What’s punk rock got to do with running a small business?

As the song goes, picture this. What image jumps into your mind’s eye when you think of businessmen or women? Suits, shoulder pads, shiny shoes, and striped shirts? Or maybe Michelle Mone stylee power dressing, towering heels and hair coiffed to within an inch of its tweaked and teased life? No? Perhaps what floats your

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