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Life in the fast lane

Stop that train, I wanna get off. Just lately the runaway train that is my life has been going a wee bit too fast for comfort. That hurtling at high velocity feeling is fun for a while, but it soon sends you spinning. I wouldn’t mind a few days pootling around the Cathcart circle on

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In it for the long haul

Stand by folks, it’s gonnae get mushy. Line up the boxes of tissues and prepare for a big lump in the throat, cos this one’s straight from the heart. Who’d of thunk it? That the cool guy at work – you know, the one with the long hair halfway down his back, the green eyes,

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Wedded bliss versus running a biz

This week I got a bit of a doing. Just a small verbal doing mind you, but a doing nonetheless. And what’s more, this particular wife, mother and small business owner well and truly deserved it. The clue as to why I should be on the receiving end of a right good reprimand, in case

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