Cream crackered in commerce

The engine of this usually energetic entrepreneur is stuttering and threatening to stall, but I’ve just got to keep motoring.

I’ve got to admit it, this wee wrangler of words is very nearly out of gas. My burgeoning business is going great guns but the operator is running on fumes. I’m whacked, knackered and a bit broken down.

But does this mean I can’t deliver? Does it diddly.

Like most working mothers I’ve got a pretty solid capacity for finding that bit extra, going the extra mile, and cranking up the gears. So deliver I do, even when shut-eye is scarce, and energy low.

I know that it’s not popular and even advisable to admit to exhaustion in enterprise. Of course I realise that when it comes to front-facing, us business types are supposed to plaster on the positivity no matter the mood. Indeed, I even teach my trainees that when it comes to public speaking, pitching and presentations, you’ve got to leave your grump, lack of sleep or marital strife at the door, and put on a damn fine show.

And that’s because there’s simply got to be more than making a fist of it when people are paying. Half-baked, half-arsed attempts just won’t cut it in commerce. So even at times when the steam’s all but evaporated, and Word Up’s weary and wabbit, we’ll still go further and faster to deliver first class goods.

It’s not a sole trading sacrifice tho’, is it? Pushing on through is no great shakes at the end of the day. But self employment for me is one-woman show, and it can take a toll when the clients keep coming. But am I complaining? Not me, just sayin’. After all, being a bit pooped as a result of success is an achievement in enterprise itself. Would you rather be twiddling thumbs and longing for the biz batphone to ring? Thought not.

Even deeply ingrained dog-tiredness seems small beer with so much serious strife in the world. So I try to keep it in context in commerce. I’m working, I’m earning, I’m eating. I’ve got a nice house and the family’s all well. I love my work and the people I meet, and I’m grateful to those who are buying my skills.

But hey! I’m not young any longer and my vim and vigour ain’t quite what they once were. I’m not one of those who can work 24/7 for days on end with barely a whimper. Not for me an hour in the scratcher or a quick power nap. For this small enterprise to be fuel injected and fighting fit, there’s just got to be moments of respite and deep P&Q.

So I hope you’ll forgive me if I slink off under a September weekend stone. Word Up will close for a breather, some hours in the scratcher, and a chance for the engine to idle. It’s my very own maintenance and MOT. ‘Cos when I open for business on Tuesday as usual, I’ll be firing on all cylinders, revving up and raring to go forwards for the next challenge in commerce.