C’mon everybody

Skull Santa for Word Up Xmas email 2015

As the year end approaches, I’m feeling quite low
I’ve been under the weather and business is slow
Try as I might, there’s been scant seasonal cheer
(But that’s partly because of Trump’s odious leer)

The weather’s gone mental and the daffs are in bud
The rain keeps on rainin’ and there’s mud, copious mud
The globe’s heating up but there’s nae chance of snow
We need jumpers, not coal, for that warm inner glow

A mum and her  six weans just drowned in the Aegean
In an ongoing crisis showing no signs of healing
Fleeing people are walking, for hundreds of miles
Their possessions, and hope, abandoned in piles

Blankets of bombs are dropping in far away places
On targets which often have real human faces
Over here we’ve got people relying on food banks
While Westminster bigwigs play poverty pranks

Hate, fear and anger keep brewing and building
And the rich have their lilies which they just keep on gilding
It’s hard to find hope in these most desperate times
For peace, love and happiness, oh how my heart pines

The whole world’s heading in a handcart to hell
We’re rushing into the abyss, full tilt and pell mell
I can barely imagine a time when everything’s fine
When the future is bathed in a bright, hopeful shine

I’ve asked myself often, is it too broke to fix it?
Shall I throw in the towel and claim I’m defeatit?
Just sit on my arse and claim effort’s all pointless
That the end is nigh, we’re in a right bloody mess

Well, I just cannae do that, it’s not really my style
It’s all about trying, going that wee extra mile
‘Cos hope springs eternal in this Weegie’s heart
So c’mon everybody, just play your own part…