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What a way to make a livin’

Dolly Parton’s been on my mind a lot lately. And why not? Not only is the diminutive Dolly a global superstar and miracle of modern cosmetic science, but she’s a champion of children’s literacy and a damn fine songstress to boot. Not that she needs any help in the production department (musical variety), but I

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Leader of the pack

I am a leader. Apparently. I am a leader amongst women. Yup. Hey! Don’t knock it. This leadership stuff is rather intoxicating, I’m beginning to see the appeal of rampant megalomania. And anyway, I s’pose as a captain of industry (ahem), I am a leader of sorts. But as a sole trader “take me to

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Bringing down the career curtain

Exactly one year ago this week, I hung up my headphones, flicked the On Air switch off, picked up my P45, and headed out of the door at the great glass shoebox that is BBC Scotland’s Pacific Quay HQ. It was a momentous milestone in my working life, one which made me feel very weird

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Funky frocks and flying pterodactyls

Who am I? Oh no, none of your trivial nonsense going on in the Word Up nerve centre this week. These last few days have witnessed nothing less than one of the great philosophical questions of life passing through this particular cerebral cortex. Anyone who reads the weekly meanderings of this middle-aged media madame and

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Why words are worth their weight in wonga

Altogether now…words don’t come easyyyyyy… Or at least that’s what 80s pop warbler F.R. David, complete with his Miami Vice rolled up jacket sleeves and aviator shades, tunefully told us. Naff song maybe, but old F.R. had a point – words are tricky, slippery wee devils are they not? You can never find the right

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Jumping off the career cliff is something I’m getting pretty good at. I’ve gone through that gut-knotting, nerve-shredding, free-falling leap of faith into the abyss twice already in my adult life. But this is the first time I’ve leapt headfirst off the edge to go it alone with a small business. I’ve jacked in a

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