Jumping off the career cliff is something I’m getting pretty good at. I’ve gone through that gut-knotting, nerve-shredding, free-falling leap of faith into the abyss twice already in my adult life.

But this is the first time I’ve leapt headfirst off the edge to go it alone with a small business. I’ve jacked in a much-coveted job in the media, the security of a monthly paycheck, a routine and a decent pension just to be my own boss. Mental, eh?

Or is it? Perhaps plunging into the unknown is not bonkers at all, just part of the plan.

Back in the day, a lifeboat in the form of a mature student scholarship hove into view just when I thought I couldn’t cling on any longer to a sinking cooncil ship. As it turned out, leaping overboard, although terrifying, doesn’t necessarily lead to death by drowning or being eaten by sharks.

Because chucking away security to live on a student pittance had an unexpected upside – a month’s work experience at BBC Radio Scotland, a dream number for the woman with a radio in every room!

15 years of BBC producerdom later and I’ve gone and thrown the towel in, again. Yes, it was a blast to work on some of Scotland’s best-loved radio shows, and pick up a couple of gongs along the way, but late last year I knew the time was right to punch out and move on.

So here I go sailing into the unknown with WORD UP Communications. My business baby is only wee just now, but it’s mine, all mine. And like any precious new arrival, I’ll be moving heaven and earth to keep it safe, sound and healthy. And, you have my word, I won’t be abandoning it any time soon.