Social media – surfing or sinking?

Smoke and mirrors? Snake oil? Staggering waste of time and energy? Or simply superb marketing and communication tools?

When it comes to social media, I cannot be the only small business owner who just doesn’t know which side of the 140 character fence to come down on. And, let’s face it, words are what I’m all about, so surely I should be surfing the social media rip curls like the gnarly old wordsmith dude I claim to be?

But is riding on the crest of the wave that is social media just a great big roller of high fashion and low return? Or is social media, as most marketeers claim, the Must Have Medium for getting your message out there to anyone and everyone who’s turned on and tuned in?

The truth is that this modern media madame hasn’t a scooby. I get the part that says everyone’s doing it so you’d have to be totally blinkered and bonkers not to surf that wave too. But I also get the bit which says get a grip, Facebook won’t get you riding high on the FTSE 100.

On balance, it would simply seem like bad business not to have a go at surfing the social media wave. And yes, maybe like me, you will have to work out how much it matters for your business, and limit the amount of time and effort you spend on social. But if you’re in the business of making waves about your business, you probably can’t afford to be left stranded while others are riding high.

I don’t expect that my own business banter across social media will make my fortune, or provide me with a waiting list as long as Marcus Wareing’s new Michelin starred eaterie. But done well, social media definitely makes waves, and I for one, want to be surfing, and not sinking.

PS And BTW, don’t fret if you can’t find the right words for your tweets, posts and blogs, because we at WORD UP are always on hand to help you and your business with some right good writing, even if it is only 140 characters.