And so this is business

A seasonal ditty to be sung to the tune of John Lennon’s Christmas classic “Happy Christmas (War is Over)”. Altogether now…

So this is business
And I’m about done
Another year over
Tax return still not begun
And so this is business
Not always much fun
But my very own dear one
Sometimes tricky to run

But I love my business
It’s been a good year
I think it’s a good firm
And my clients do agree

Too right, this is business
Sometimes days are long
But rewards keep on coming
To help me stay strong
Hell yes, this is business
It’s small, but it’s cool
We’re wizard with words
And kinda old school

Yes, I love my business
It makes me complete
Too right it’s a good one
Without any cheat

Aye, this is my business
And hard work gets done
But another year’s over
The next one still to come
So, thanks for your business
Support, and much love
To all of my dear chums
And my clients, each one

‘Cos yes this is business
It’s what I do best
But it’s time for a breather
And a wee well-earned rest

Merry Christmas, everybody!
(With heartfelt apologies to John & Yoko)