Care Less Whisper

Social media, huh? Dunno about you guys, but I’m all out of love.

This gnawing dissatisfaction with some parts of the digisphere has been steadily gathering strength here at Word Up HQ, and not just because Facebook are in deep doo-doo (although I do wonder why any of us are at all surprised that our personal info has been plundered and passed on, presumably for profit or ill-gotten gain. Maybe it took Cambridge Analytica to give us, and social, a bloody good shake). Naw, for me, it’s more than dodgy dealing and data mining, it’s just becoming harder to care.

The time pressures alone are enough to sap the strength for social, not to mention the endless demands of keeping content fresh, fascinating and bang up to date. It’s not simply that the weight of expectation (much of which, admittedly, is self-imposed) has become a bit of a burden, but for me, there’s a distinct cannae-be-bothered creep. Just dunno if it’s worth it. Sheesh, there’s so much shizzle and drivel on there – the effort it takes to find the good stuff in the midst of the dross just ain’t paying off. And if I care less about trending, tips and titter or temper-inducing tweets etc, why should anyone else give a flying f**k about my digi thinking?

The very idea that this stuff is going away any time soon is mere pie in the sky. Not only is the genie well and truly out of the bottle, it’s turned into a monster. A tireless, voracious, predatory, multi-tentacled monster. Once you’re entrapped in the grip of this bloody great beast there’s precious little hope of escape. That’s assuming you want a way out, of course. Young ‘uns don’t seem to mind going with the digital flow, but me? I’d simply rather not drown.

Actually, being a venerable ancient has its advantages with all things online. Having clocked up 5 decades plus means that at least I remember life before social and smartphones. I know, and enjoy, the sound of silence, so I’m not afraid to switch off social. For days at a time, if the mood takes me. I know! That’s utter sacrilege in the eyes of the svengalis of social. But if there’s nothing to say, staying schtum makes simple good sense.

Still, there’s some stuff to like. Sharp witted social-ites make it worthwhile for a regular run through. They’re so very clever some of those crafty content commentators, and I do love a good guffaw on the bus. Also still making it onto my Liked list are postings of long-forgotten, once-loved songs, or grainy images from times long ago. And yes, I include the 70s, 80s and 90s as having socio-historical worth, and thank social for giving this old gal a sneak peek into the past.

So it’s not quite curtains for social. Not yet. That would be a bit too weird for someone in the communications game. Still, that care less whisper is beginning to sound a lot like a scream…