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Sick as a parrot

Sole trading? It’s enough to make me sick. Picture the scene. It’s half an hour before you’re due to head off to deliver some work for a client, when the words that strike fear and loathing into the very soul of every sole trader or small business come calling. No, not “hello, this is HMRC,

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Liar, liar pants on fire

Only kidding. Kidding myself, and everyone else, on. Because, you see, I’ve been telling fibs. Not wee white lies, but great big porkies. Not the kind of lies that are going to get me hauled up by the polis, or land me in the dock – I’m not a politician, a tabloid editor, a banker,

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Life in the fast lane

Stop that train, I wanna get off. Just lately the runaway train that is my life has been going a wee bit too fast for comfort. That hurtling at high velocity feeling is fun for a while, but it soon sends you spinning. I wouldn’t mind a few days pootling around the Cathcart circle on

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The slovenly side effects of start up

It was a shaft of spring sunlight that nearly caused my own wee waterworks to start sprinkling this week. Admittedly, I was a bit broken after a few days of particularly tough graft and nowhere near sufficient shut-eye. I had a horrid headache and burny eyes, a queasy tummy and a wee bit of the

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Offspring versus enterprise

What is it about women and wee yins? Or to be more maternally and entrepreneurially correct, why is that women in business tend to make so many apologies for being a mother? Let’s set out my own stall right from the off – in my business I’m not in the business of saying sorry for the

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Business is like buses

We’re all doomed. No, I’ve not gone and joined a group of end of the world adventists, but I definitely had a Private Frazer moment recently.  For a couple of days I simply couldn’t shrug off a certain despair. There I was in early January, looking over the vast tundra of emptiness that was my

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Wedded bliss versus running a biz

This week I got a bit of a doing. Just a small verbal doing mind you, but a doing nonetheless. And what’s more, this particular wife, mother and small business owner well and truly deserved it. The clue as to why I should be on the receiving end of a right good reprimand, in case

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