Revolting role models

Man the barricades, sisters, we’re talkin’ ‘bout a revolution round here.

Never one to shy away from a righteous cause, or the advancement of womankind, I’m volunteering my services as a fully-paid up revolutionary. This will come as no great surprise to anyone who knows the paternal background of this particular sole trading adventurer and entrepreneur. All those years of Dad’s Marxist-Leninist leanings were bound to rub off one way or another, eh? But I’m not so much Citizen Smith, more Sister Small Biz.

I’m not planning on taking to the streets, nor am I quite ready to chuck myself under the Queen’s horse, but I have freely and enthusiastically joined the ranks of the revolution. A quiet revolution being led from the front by recruitment guru Bonnie Clark. Her’s is a role model revolution with women in mind. But before you start burning your bras and spouting fanatical feminism, this revolution has its roots in confidence and common sense.

You see, the beauteous Bonnie wants us women to pack it in. In a clarion call sounded during a presentation to my fellow SWIB sisters this week, Bonnie wants women to leave off hiding their lights under those self-belittling bushels. She’s asking that we big ourselves up, crank up the contrast, the colour and clarity. She wants us to say what we’re great at, loud and proud, and stop doing ourselves down. In short, Bonnie wants us to be right good role models, sharing our skills, savvy and smarts. And she should know, Bonnie’s doing waaaaayyyyy more than simply holding her own with the big boys of recruitment and executive searching. She’s a simply splendid role model, inspiring us onwards.

But BTW, Bonnie, some of us auld burds have been revolting for decades, and not necessarily quietly. We’ve been doing our bit to boost belief and can-do chops. We’ve been steadily chipping away at female self-doubt and self-deprecation. Yes, we’ve come far, but the job’s not yet done, so you can count on me to swell your revolutionary ranks, I’ll be the one sounding the bugle.

Of course, I’ve had my own demons of doubt, I’ve had the wobbles and thought I was shit, but I’ve worked hard on conviction, belief and not knocking myself down. I’ve summoned my courage and spoken out with certainty and confidence. The confidence can be a bit of an act at times, but act it I will, because setting an example in enterprise, and in life, matters to me.

I can’t bloody bear it that women tend to keep schtum when it comes to their skills. And I get it, I really do, that playing the boys at their own self promo game just don’t sit right. It don’t feel good, sistah. And sorry guys, I apologise for unfairly tarring all you fellas with the same brush. But for gawd’s sakes gals, get a grip! You’ve bowled me over in life, and in business. I’ve been absolutely blown away by the women I’ve met in this enterprise lark. You’re superb role models, every last one of you ballsy burds.

I’ve even been paid to write about some of these inspiring business broads. And I make no apologies for a bit of self-sell, because that’s what I’m good at, a great way with words. But make no mistake, without the commercial chutzpah of these real life role models, I’d have no words to write.